Perry Pathetically Hits Romney On His Wealth, Plans To Join #OWS

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the minute Rick Perry jumped into the GOP presidential primary race, it turned much nastier, rather than just some jostling back and forth. It was more focused on each candidate providing their ideas on the future of America, and the candidates were running more against Obama than against each other. Now, Perry seems to be providing the Democrats, and Obama 2012, with the means to attack Romney if he wins the nomination. I can see Obama using Rick Perry talking points and commercials.

(The Politico) Rick Perry’s newest web video is a slick, dramatic attack on Mitt Romney’s health care record, but the jab that stands out is aimed at Romney’s personal wealth.

“Even the richest man can’t buy back his past,” the video says.

Perry has talked extensively about his humble upbringing in Paint Creek, Texas, which contrasts with Romney’s privileged background. As far as I’m aware, this is Perry’s first explicit dig at Romney for being a rich guy.

Look near the end of the video for the class warfare bit.

OK, the dig that Perry plans to join the Occupy Wall Street nutters is a bit polemic, yet, is this the best Perry has? Attacking Romney because he grew up rich? He’s sounding a bit like a Democrat in Republican clothes, using a class warfare meme.

I just have to wonder if Perry’s focus on attacking Romney, along with his inability to defend his own past policies, is leading to his major deflation in the GOP straw polls? Perhaps Perry should worry more about his own immigration problems.

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