Rep. Pete Stark: Federal Government Can Do Most Anything

You can see why Obama complains that there is too much access to information, why his Diversity Czar has been scheming of ways to silence talk radio, and why blogs like this one will soon be shut down if Obamunists have their way. An informed citizenry is a tyrant’s worst enemy. Watch a well-informed young lady explain to Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) why ObamaCare is fundamentally unconstitutional. Then watch Stark’s chilling response when asked what limitations our rulers will acknowledge regarding the federal government’s ability to micromanage our private lives:

I think that there are very few constitutional limits that would prevent the federal government from rules that could affect your private life.

When asked for confirmation that Fortney (Stark’s real name) is saying that he and his fellow liberal fascists can do any damned thing they please, he responds:

The federal government, yes, can do most anything in this country.

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All hunched on his stool Fortney looks almost contrite, even as he proclaims that our Constitution is no longer valid and that he and his fellow Statist bureaucreeps have total power to inflict whatever they will on us. He’s no longer talking about peeing on his constituents’ legs. It’s almost as if he thinks the Obama power grab will be unsuccessful — that he and the rest of the wannabe dictators constituting the Democrat Party will be thrown out like the anti-American refuse they are.

On a tip from Nancz. Hat tip: The Blogprof. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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