Phoenix Rally for Secure Borders and Immigration Enforcement

In Phoenix Saturday evening, the Rally for Secure Borders and Immigration Enforcement presented a stark contrast not only between right and left, but between right and wrong, high and low, clean and unclean, sane and insane, good and evil. If there’s one positive aspect to Comrade Obama tearing the country apart, it’s that at least now the divisions are crystal clear; liberals can no longer hide behind a smokescreen of nuance. Their only choices are to mend their ways or admit to what they are.

Like any Tea Party type event, the rally drew normal Americans who want their voices to stop being ignored by the ruling class. A few made signs:




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…including Yours Truly:


Despite the liberal establishment’s desperate lie that grassroots resistance to their agenda is “racist,” non-Caucasians were as usual hardly underrepresented. America’s Black Shield is only one example:


The excellent speakers included SB1070 author Russell Pearce and Ted Hayes. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always easy to hear them, because the Tea Party movement is now very much on the radar screen of our collectivist rulers, who dispatched a motley contingent of communist thugs to drown out the proceedings:


The flea tattoo seen here on the left was certainly appropriate; all of the moonbats looked likely to be crawling with their own six-legged brethren:


Here a presumably undocumented Democrat honors our flag after the liberal fashion. The conch shell is also appropriate; it figures prominently in Lord of the Flies, a novel about children who revert to savages:


The head of Phoenix’s police department is Jack “the Hack” Harris, an obedient toady of the ultra-left, mollusk-like Mayor Fail I mean Phil Gordon. This may be why the police allowed the moonbat brownshirts to create their head-splitting cacophony only a few yards away from the speakers. This deranged harridan screeched inane chants through her megaphone almost without pause for two hours:


Without irony, she denounced the assembled patriots as “fascists” and “Nazis,” even while using classic Nazi/fascist techniques to disrupt our gathering. Other moonbats contributed to the racket with a bizarre assortment of instruments that they lacked the discipline to learn how to play, including this clown with an accordion:


Needless to say, these creatures were not local to the Valley of the Sun. They were bused in to prevent the speakers from being heard, evidently from the festering pustule of liberalism that is still vaguely recognizable as Los Angeles. Who did the busing? This should offer a clue:


SEIU 660 is based in LA. The union’s presence came as no surprise in connection with the communist agitators, considering that this profoundly malignant organization is closely affiliated with ACORN and with Barack Hussein Obama, who got his start in politics “community organizing” just such repugnant vermin to just such nefarious purposes, and trained ACORN goons to do the same.

That is to say, the scum that tried to suppress the rally is running the country. BHO and his media enablers shower more often, but their mentality is no different.

On one side you have decent, normal Americans who want to defend their country from invasion and uphold the rule of law. On the other, you have repulsive collectivist lowlifes who travel hundreds of miles to defile our sacred symbols and prevent patriots from speaking. Choose one side or the other; there is no in-between.

Photography by Varla. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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