Rep. Schiff Admits That Democrat Collusion With The Ukraine Is ‘Problematic’ [VIDEO]

Rep. Schiff Admits That Democrat Collusion With The Ukraine Is ‘Problematic’ [VIDEO]

Democrats are all “collusion” this, “Russia” that. It’s getting to the point that people have started to tune it out because they are simply harping on an issue that has produced little to no evidence.

Now the leftists are having to own up to their own collusion with the Ukraine and they have absolutely no concept of irony at all.

The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee is now saying that it has been “problematic” that his party has been colluding with the Ukraine.

Rep. Adam Schiff – an outspoken critic of the Donald Trump Jr. meeting with Russia – did an an interview on Sunday with ABC’s “This Week” and was forced to address the blatant hypocrisy within his own party.

Host Jon Karl asked if Schiff had the same feelings about the DNC/Ukraine collusion that he does about the Trump/Russia connection.

“No, it wouldn’t be acceptable for the Democrats to accept help from the Ukrainian government.”

For those of you need a little refresher, a January report in Politico revealed that a Democratic National Committee operative worked with the Ukraine to dig up possible connections between Trump and Russia with the focus of impeachment.

Trump’s supporters have mentioned that this story is painfully similar to the one we’re hearing about Don Jr., but for some reason only one meeting has taken the media by storm.

Watch the video:

Naturally, Schiff tried to argue that the Russia thing is much worse because it’s suspected that Putin is directly involved in the election of Donald Trump.

“The scale of what the Russians did is not comparable to anything in [the Politico report],” he alleged.

“So the scale is different, but this is problematic. Acknowledge that,” Karl pressed.

“Well, it would be problematic to get any sort of support from a foreign government,” Schiff said.

I love that someone actually made a Democrat admit that their side is just as guilty as they’re trying to make Trump out to be, except we have the evidence necessary to make this accusation.

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