SEIU Thugs Terrorize Teenage Boy

Nice work, SEIU. Service Employee International Union members descended upon the home of a banker to protest the banker’s work. The banker wasn’t home but his teenage son was and he was home alone and the 14 bus loads of union thugs scared the heck out of the poor kid.

This was no political protest, it was an inciting, angry mob of union thugs. The Fortune Magazine piece that reported the incident made a salient point about the whole thing.

Targeting homes and families seems to put SEIU in the ranks of (now jailed) radical animal-rights activists and the Kansas anti-gay fundamentalists harassing the grieving parents of a dead 20-year-old soldier at his funeral (the Supreme Court has agreed to weigh in on the latter). But that’s not a conversation that SEIU officials want to have.

Amusingly, Nina Easton makes another great point in the friendly coverage of this outrageous union thuggery. The Old Media didn’t even attend and the whole thing was covered by an activist Huffington Post blogger.

More amusingly, all the HuffyPoo commenters immediately assumed that the banker in question was an evil Bush guy. Turns out the banker is a life-long Democrat and is an FOB (friend of Bill Clinton).

It is a “fail” all around by these union thugs. Protest at a bank or in you state capitol or other government facility all you want but keep your thug pals away from people’s private homes.

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