Deport Dora The Explorer Now!

Why, yes, the supporters of illegal immigrants are now apparently using Dora The Explorer to prop up their case in an attempt to turn the issue into only based completely on feelings, rather than common sense, logic, thought, and that pesky law stuff. In other words, they are trying to make us all 6 six year olds. As usual: Is Dora the Explorer an illegal immigrant?

In her police mug shot, the doe-eyed cartoon heroine with the bowl haircut has a black eye, battered lip and bloody nose.

Dora the Explorer’s alleged crime? “Illegal Border Crossing Resisting Arrest.”

The doctored picture, one of several circulating widely in the aftermath of Arizona’s controversial new immigration law, may seem harmless, ridiculous or even tasteless.

But experts say the pictures and the rhetoric surrounding them online, in newspapers and at public rallies, reveal some Americans’ attitudes about race, immigrants and where the immigration reform debate may be headed.

“Dora is kind of like a blank screen onto which people can project their thoughts and feelings about Latinos,” said Erynn Masi de Casanova, a sociology professor at the University of Cincinnati. “They feel like they can say negative things because she’s only a cartoon character.”

Well, George Bush was not a cartoon character, and the left felt they could say really nasty disgusting things about him. Anyhow, I like the thing about race. It is simply a way to avoid keeping the discussion on an adult track, because, really, can any of the illegals supporters provide rational discussion on why all the illegals should be given amnesty? I can give you a few reasons based on thought on why a small percentage should be given a “pathway to citizenship,” and a few more why the vast majority should be sent packing. And charged for it.

But since the passage of the Arizona law – which requires authorities to question people about their immigration status if there’s reason to suspect they’re in the country illegally – Dora’s life and immigration status have been scrutinized and mocked.

Several websites, including The Huffington Post, have narrated Dora’s mock capture by immigration authorities. One picture circulating on Facebook shows an ad for a TV show called “Dora the Illegal Immigrant.” On the Facebook page “Dora the Explorer is soo an Illegal Immigrant,” there are several images showing her sailing through the air over the U.S.-Mexican border.

Such is the state of liberal arguments. Using a cartoon character to attempt to avoid debate by turning down the Feelings Memorial Highway. Not surprising.

In related illegal immigration news, somehow it is the governments fault that that illegal immigrant busted in Georgia is in trouble. Because it was apparently the government that crossed the border illegally, drove without a license, and lied to the police.

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