Snap! Senate Democrats Want More Help From Obama

First we had the midterms tsunami. Then we had Queen Nancy being re-elected as the face of the House Democrats. Now, yet another early Christmas gift, and something extra to give thanks for next Thursday. The question is, will Obama unwrap the gift for us?

Senate Democrats want President Obama to take a more hands-on role in legislative battles next year, when Republicans will have additional clout on Capitol Hill.

Oh please oh please oh please oh please

Democratic lawmakers say Obama could have done more to connect his legislative agenda to the concerns of voters – a shortcoming the president himself has admitted.

Again with the “Obama didn’t yammer about the legislation enough” meme. A March 19th, 2010 CBS News article noticed that as of that date, Obama had given 54 speeches on health care. 13 of his his Saturday addresses were devoted to health care, and

Our CBS News tally shows Mr. Obama has made 471 speeches, remarks and comments on every issue under the sun since taking office 423 days ago. His 54 statements on health care reform mean that better than 1 in 10 was on health care. Since the first of this year, it’s been nearly 2 in 10.

That’s not too mention all the talking points press releases, emails from Organizing for America (say, I haven’t received one since the elections. Must be hard to type while constantly drunk and laying in bed), and a compliant media. And since March 19th. Anyhow

Some Democrats expect Obama to get engaged sooner in legislative debates and to make himself more available to members of Congress, who keep close tabs on the views of their constituents.

Notice there is no mention of following the views of their constituents. Well, the hyper-partisan progressive ones are listened to, mostly, of course. Just not the vast majority of the American people.

Voicing the view of other leading Democrats, Menendez believes Obama needs to travel around the country more frequently, holding town hall meetings to sell his policy vision. Only at the end of the 2010 campaign season did he start holding a series of “backyard discussions” in an attempt to connect with voters.

How’d that work out? Initially, the attendees were handpicked and threw softballs. Then they started throwing hardballs, and Obama was getting rather snippy.

Senate Democrats acknowledge that they too – and not just the president – need to do a better job of promoting their agenda.

By all means, keep thinking that it is all about messaging, rather than the policy. And, double yes, get Obama more involved. A perfect prescription for a 2012 blowout, allowing the GOP to take even more House seats, and regain the Senate and Presidency.

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