Goracle Claims Media Aren’t Covering Climate Hysteria Correctly

Personally, I was beginning to worry about Al Gore, since we hadn’t heard much from him as of late. But, then, when one has pocketed $18 million from the failed Chicago Climate Exchange, one can take a break from pushing junk science.

Anyhow, Al is a bit upset

For some time, the media has failed to appropriately cover the climate crisis. A new report from Oxford University’s Reuters Institution for the Study of Journalism provides us with a snapshot of the problem:

“Less than 10 percent of the news articles written about last year’s climate summit in Copenhagen dealt primarily with the science of climate change, a study showed on Monday.” (snip)

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Our media has a responsibility to educate the public on issues affecting the planet. Covering the climate crisis only as a political issue shields from public view the vital scientific and moral elements of the debate.

I have news for you, Al. If the media actually did their job and covered your pet cult correctly, you would discredited as a snake oil salesman. Yet, really, politics is all that global warming, er, climate change, er, that silly thing that will make the Earth cold by making it warm, is about. When they throw “science” at us that claims that greenhouse gases, which trap heat in the atmosphere, will cause cold weather, snow, and ice, when they claim glaciers are both retreating and growing from greenhouse gases, well, then the “theory” has become truly absurd.

Also, didn’t he say that the debate was over? I could have sworn he said the debate was over.

That’s Al in his office in his Nashville home from his blog. Look at all those dead trees. Three computer monitors. A TV playing that he is not watching. Isn’t that all bad for the climate?

However, perhaps Gore is correct, and the media needs to cover the science. Like, how Senate Democrats are lying about sea level rise. How peer review is used as a shield, rather than a method to substantiate reports. Byron York points out how Dems love science and facts, except when they don’t.

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