Should A Child Pay For The Sins Of The Parents? (Updated)

Here is a prime example of the complications of our government doing nothing on illegal immigration. I want to hear from you, both sides of the issue, regarding this.

Pedro Ramirez, Fresno State’s student body president, is an undocumented immigrant serving in the position without pay.

Ramirez, 23, attends school on scholarships and pays in-state tuition. California is one of 10 states that permit undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition — a position that was upheld by the state Supreme Court this week.

After his election last June, he told the administration he would serve without pay — a $9,000 stipend — because he could not lie on employment papers. On Tuesday, an anonymous tip to the college newspaper forced Ramirez to go public.

Pedro’s parents brought him here illegally when he was three. Pedro says he did not know he was here illegally until he was in high school and started applying to colleges.

I have to say that it is impressive to me that he would give up $9000 in order not to lie. So, obviously he is a good kid.

So, here we are, with one of the many complications of the stupidiy of our government not dealing with illegal immigration.

Imagine how Pedro must have felt realizing he was here illegally? Thinking that he could be deported to a country he doesn’t even know. Should a child pay for the sins of his parents?

This is just one of the reasons we MUST deal with this. Surely, you can’t believe that he should be deported? Should his parents?

Many of you expressed concern at my last post on illegal immigration that illegals should not be rewarded with a guest worker program. But how is that a reward? Canada and many other countries have guest worker programs that work well. It wouldn’t allow an illegal to become a citizen any faster than those waiting in line. Yes, it does allow him or her to stay here, but guess what? They are here anyway!! What we must do is identify them, give them an opportunity to get in line. That’s not rewarding, it’s trying to fix a broken system.

But I do believe that if we do that, then border control must be completely addressed first. We must fund a fence. We must fund the border agents that we need to effectively deal with illegally immigration. This must a be a part of any guest worker program. Sealing the border must come first.

Now, my next suggestion will upset many on the right. You all know about “The Dream Act.” This legislation would allow students living in the U.S. illegally to earn legal status if they graduate from high school and complete two years in college or the military. I disagree with the part about two years of college, but I do agree with the part about the military. Although I think it should be four years, not two.

I think that if these children, who no fault of their own, are here illegally, and then choose to serve in the military, then they should be given legal status. Serving our country proves to me that they are dedicated to it. Plus, the military will provide a disiplined way of life, teach hard work, and teach productivity. If they are willing to fight for our country, then they should be given legal status.

That’s how I feel. Now, tell me what you think.

Update: Just to be clear, I DO NOT support the Dream Act. The Dream Act is much more than just providing these kids a way to citizenship. It’s just another sneaky way for the Democrats to buy the votes of Hispanics with all kinds of goodies. I support my version, which would only include what I state here regarding the military. I call it The “This Just Makes Sense” Act.

Just because the Democrats come up with nonsense doesn’t mean that Republicans can’t come up with their own common sense measures. Doing nothing is just A BIG MISTAKE.

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