Those Delusional ‘Coffee Party’ Lefties

The self-delusional world in which liberals wallow truly is amazing. It takes an Olympic gymnast’s level of agility to warp your logic enough to think like one of them and a recent report on the left-wing blather site Newsvine is yet one more example of the backbreaking contortions that liberals must indulge to make themselves feel better.

In this post on the presumed falling numbers of the tea party protests and an amusing subsequent praise of the coffee party effort, this left-winger calling himself “MoeZilla” desperately tried to massage the truth in order to make his losing left appear as if they are holding their own in the American political debate. The truth is, of course, that our pal Moe warped reality in multiple ways in order to make it seem as if his side is winning — or at least is treading water — while the tea party is losing.

He began his “report” saying that organizers for a tea party protest in Stockton, California were “hoping for 1,000 people to join the protest,” but only about 250 showed up (according to ABC News 10). MoeZilla segues on to reveal that the tea party event in Sacramento “was only around 2,000.” Moe estimates that the April 15 protest was an 80% drop from last year’s tea party protest.

Then MoeZilla goes on to imagine that the Sacramento tea party folks are trying to stop the free speech of those that oppose them.

But the low turnout is even more ominous when you consider the chilling effect it had on other organizations. According to the city officials, Tea Party organizers reserved all four sides of the capitol building, so no counter-protesters could be issued a permit for the same day. (In a Facebook comment, one Tea Party member had warned that “You may be escorted off the premises,” adding “the police have been put on notice.”) Tea Party organizers even reserved the capitol grounds for the entire day, though their protest wasn’t scheduled to start until noon.

“Ominous.” Now that is funny. We have had over the last few weeks report after report of hatemongers of the left-wing that have announced that they intended to go out and attack tea party events all across the country. These leftist stormtroopers boldly announced their desire to “infiltrate and disrupt” the tea party events, events that have been for an entire year completely peaceful and without incident instigated by the tea party attendees. And these leftist threats have not only happened just this year. Leftists have been making these threats of violence since 2009 when the tea party events first spontaneously sprang up.

In fact millions of Americans have for a year turned out to tea party protests and not one incident has occurred. Well none except for those incidents perpetrated by the left. We had for instance the attack on Kenneth Gladney by union members, the tea party protester that got his finger bitten of by a left-wing attacker, the tea party speaker who had racial epithets hurled at him as he spoke, and the incident where eggs were thrown at the tea party bus by union thugs in Searchlight, Nevada. We’ve had violence perpetrated by the left against the tea party folks but no violence by the tea party folks.

And with all this violence and threats of violence from the left, this Newsvine hack has the temerity to scold the Sacramento tea party folks for trying to protect themselves by reserving all four corners of the intersection so that they have a legal right to remove the violence prone lefties that might try to attack them! This MoeZilla hypocrite has the gall to say that the tea party folks are the ones trying to squelch free speech? HIS side makes the threats and when the tea party folks try to protect themselves, he calls them squelchers of free speech.

These are the mental gymnastics that leftists have to go through to justify their point of view. Of course, MoeZilla is a true Alinskyite in that he is the one that wants violence to occur, he is the one that wants the tea party shut down with his left-wing threats, but in a true observance of a chief Alinsky tactic, he blames his enemies for doing what he, himself is doing.

This MoeZilla fellow, though, reserves the most amusing attempt to legitimize his side for the end of his “report.” Get a load of this:

This move was seen as “preventing opposing voices from being heard,” according to an activist in a new group called the Coffee Party that had wanted to stage a pro-government rally. But he added, “Nobody is acting in bad faith. It’s the tone of the actions.” And to show their support for the government – and a more civil discussion – 20 members from their group staged a rally on a road leading to the Sacramento state capitol.

MoeZilla tries to float this empty coffee party effort as some sort of movement somehow equal to or a legitimate answer to the tea party movement. While Moe scolds the tea party movement for only having 250 turn out for the Stockton event, and but 2,000 in Sacramento, he presents these coffee party folks as a legitimate alternative even as the coffee party schmucks only garnered 20 members. Twenty. Not 100, not 1,000. Twenty. (Even worse, the photo he chose to accompany his piece shows on five coffee party folks were there.)

It reminds me of the amusing story of the huge turnout that the coffee party had in Bellevile, Illinois. While tea party events in Illinois were turning out thousands of participants, the Belleville coffee party had seven. Not seventy. Seven. Well, eight if you include the reporter that was there to cover this huge meeting! And notice that once again the Old Media tried to legitimize this laughable coffee party effort as worth reporting on while ignoring hundreds and thousands gathered across the state at tea party events.

But let’s consider what has been going on with the tea party movement. There have been thousands of protests held in every state of the union at which millions of Americans have attended. These events have been held in every political sector of the country. Even the most left-wing of areas have seen tea party events spring up. On the other hand the coffee party has met in only liberal strongholds and has nowhere reported even 100 participants at any given attempt to organize.

Yet, here we have MoeZilla of Newsvine pooh-poohing the tea party movement as being somehow inconsequential or dying out while boosting the nearly non-existent coffee party effort as equal to the tea party movement.

As I said, these are the illogical, mental gymnastics that lefties have to go through in order to justify their obscene positions. It would be laughable or merely sad if they didn’t have their adherents holding the reigns of power in government. In that case they are dangerous, not simply humorous.

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