Grotesquely Overpaid Illinois Teachers Demand Tax Hikes

The staggeringly greedy criminal racket known as public education has gotten so far out of control in the state that gave us Comrade Obama that taxpayers are on the hook for $1 BILLION in pension liability for just the top 100 educrats. But at least the teachers unions have figured out how to pay for it all — by raising taxes, of course. That’s why they’re taking a day off from telling children about the evils of economic freedom tomorrow so they can be bused into Springfield to demand the government confiscate more of other people’s money to keep their platinum-plated pensions afloat.

Up to 15,000 citizen lobbyists [i.e., union members] are expected to descend on the Capitol on Wednesday to rally for a tax increase to help fix the state’s crippling budget. …

Roughly 2,000 of the participants will be teachers representing the Illinois Federation of Teachers, spokesman David Comerford said. …

The group making its way to the Capitol is rallying behind House Bill 174, a controversial measure that would increase the individual income tax rate and expand the state’s sales tax base.

Unions are infamous for being so pathologically greedy that they will eat everything in sight, even if it means bankrupting everyone, themselves included. But surely Illinois’ leadership recognizes that they can’t keep hiking taxes indefinitely. Then again…

Many Democrats, however, are calling for the tax increase, including Gov. Pat Quinn, who wants a 33 percent income tax increase to help fund proposed education cuts.

“We cannot cut ourselves out of a $13 billion budget deficit,” said state Rep. Pat Verschoore, D-Milan. “I do believe we need to raise taxes. I do believe, though, there should be sunset because things are going to get better.”

Not if our rulers keep raising taxes during a recession, they aren’t. But liberals will counter that if you don’t like being reduced to slave status so that useless educrats can live like movie stars, you don’t care about the children.

Why Illinois teachers unions want to raise taxes, via Champion News.

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