Trump Just Stated The First 2 Things He Would Do As President & Liberals Hate It [Video]

Trump Just Stated The First 2 Things He Would Do As President & Liberals Hate It [Video]

The debates tonight should be fantastic. I predict a blowout viewership for Fox News over this. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are both following Reagan’s playbook and they are doing it very, very well. The first thing that Trump would address if elected president is our horrifically depleted military. He would build it up again and fast to make sure America was protected and a world power again. Second, he’d do away with Obamacare. He wants to replace it… I personally think it doesn’t need replacing, just elimination. Revert to the previous system and allow people to get insurance across state lines. Let the market dictate insurance coverage and pricing. Set the doctors free from regulation and just let them do the excellent work that American doctors have always been known for. What Trump is saying he will do has the Liberals terrified. They hate it with a passion, so it must be right on the money.

Donald Trump

From Western Journalism:

Donald Trump laid out what some of his top policy priorities would be, if he were elected president, in an appearance on the Fox News channel earlier this week.

The billionaire candidate’s campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again,” which is reminiscent of Ronald Reagan’s 1984 reelection campaign slogan of “It’s Morning in America Again.”

Trump’s overall assessment is: “Our country is a mess and there’s so many things that we could do.”

Like Reagan, one of his top agenda items is restoring the nation’s military strength. “I want to build up the military so nobody messes with us,” he told the hosts of Fox and Friends on Monday. “I would bring it (military levels) back to where it was at the height because we’re in such trouble.”

“And I would absolutely repeal and replace Obamacare,” Trump said next.

He went on to list his signature campaign item to date: “We would make a strong border; people are pouring through,” he said. “Illegal immigration is a big, big thing.”

The businessman also mentioned the need for fairer trade policies, giving the examples of China and Japan as two countries that are running the table on the United States right now. “We have to restructure that whole thing,” Trump said.

It is unclear, regarding his military buildup, if he meant military levels seen at the height of the Cold War, or those from the 2000s.

As reported by Western Journalism, during the 2000s, the Army’s strength peaked at 580,000 soldiers on active duty in 2008, and currently stands at 490,000, which the Obama administration plans to draw down even further to 450,000 by 2017. During the height of the Reagan buildup in the 1980s, the nation had 770,000 active duty soldiers in the Army.

Reagan also set a goal of a 600-ship navy, which was nearly achieved by 1988 with 565 warships. The Navy currently has 430 vessels in active service or reserve.

Regarding the upcoming debate Thursday night, Trump said not to look for him to try to zing the other Republican candidates with cutting one-liners. “It’s not me, and it’s really isn’t them either, when you get right down to it.” Nonetheless, he expects some of the others on stage will likely use prepared, poll tested one-liners against him.

A new poll released Monday shows Trump leading the Republican field by double digits (at 26 percent); his favorability has moved quickly in the right direction to 52 percent. Just three weeks ago, he was upside down at 40 to 41 percent. His favorability is now higher than most of his GOP rivals and tied with Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz. Only Marco Rubio comes in higher at 54 percent.

“I don’t want to be establishment,” Trump told the Fox and Friends hosts. “I don’t want to be a politician–all talk, no action–I want to get things done.”

Trump will also address free trade and making America a powerhouse in trade and manufacturing once again. Something this country desperately needs for jobs and prosperity. Not to mention self-reliance. He will also handle the borders and illegal immigration and that is what is propelling him into the front of the line politically. Americans are demanding it. Given free reign, I believe that Trump could make America great again. So could Ted Cruz. The Donald has said he won’t go on the attack tonight unless he is attacked first. I don’t think some of these candidates will be able to resist going after Trump and the fireworks will be impressive. Donald is a scrapper and gives better than he gets. If they get in the ring with him, these guys will get bloodied, as they should.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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