Unionists Next Target for Destruction: Apple, Inc.

A four-year Apple store employee in San Francisco wants to unionize the low wage workers that help customers in Apple Stores across America. Should he succeed, this will, of course, take one of the few successful companies we have left in America, hobble it with jobs-killing union rules, and destroy its jobs like the rest of them.

Cory Moll, 30, has a plan to take a bite out of Apple, it seems. He is claiming that the minimum wage, retail jobs of the floor helpers at Apple stores are beset with “unfair practices.” So, he wants to organize the 30,000 retail employees in Apple’s 325 brick-and-mortar stores.

Using Twitter and Facebook, Moll is trying to get the rest of the country’s Apple store employees on his jobs killing bandwagon. Fortunately, he has yet to gain much support from them.

Before I get to more of the specifics of this tale of self-immolation, let me just say this: Apple store jobs are not careers. These are low wage for a reason. They are starter jobs for young people, not the sort meant to be a career with which a family can be raised.

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If this idiot is still a shop floor helper after four years and at 30-years-of-age to boot, it is clear he has no ambition to start looking for an actual career and merely wants a union to coddle him in his low skilled job for the rest of his practically useless life.

But what will be the result if he is successful? What else but the loss of jobs! Apple will end up firing thousands of employees in order to be able to afford to pay for the ones that will suddenly cost them triple the costs.

Further, this will mean the end of thousands of entry-level jobs that young people can get to learn how to be an employee. Entry-level jobs for young people are very important. They teach them all sorts of job skills and they serve as a resume enhancer to show that, at their young age, they were dependable employees.

But this doofus will wipe out this opportunity for thousands of young people immediately and hundreds of thousands into the future.

Meanwhile, this Moll character is puffing himself up as some sort of hero of Biblical proportions. “It’s kind of a feeling of David versus Goliath,” he said to reporters. No, it isn’t, Mr. Moll.

Let us hope that this loser fails miserably at unionizing Apple store employees, like he has failed miserably at finding a worthy career for a 30-year-old man.

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