Soros Funded MoveOn.Org Lies About Hacking Fox News Ticker

What’s the best way to counter what you think are the lies coming from your opponents? Is it to make up lies of your own? Apparently thinks so. On June 9, MoveOn admitted using lies, subterfuge and fraud to “counter” what they maintain is the wrong-headed thinking of Fox News. I guess to a left-winger, lies are just the ticket to get people to trust them! In fact, this whole story is just downright silly as not only perpetrated a fraud, they made a big production of it all in the process.

Not long ago an emailer calling himself “Babi Gumm” began to inform various news sites and bloggers that he had “hacked into the Fox News ticker on 6th Avenue in New York.”

This “Babi Gumm” claimed that he had replaced the Fox ticker message with his own anti-capitalist message one screaming to America that “we are being lied to” by “Right wingers” who are “destroying the middle class and trying to kill our unions.” His supposed ticker hack also told viewers that “the country is not broke.”

There isn’t anything new to this message. It is all the typical bilge you see from the left and other anti-Americans on a daily basis. But if this guy really did hack the Fox ticker message board, it would be interesting news, indeed.

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The emailer also pointed to a Youtube video posted in May by a “hiropro999” that supposedly shows the “hack” in process.

Of course, the odd thing is that no other news of this “hack” made the news cycle. Fox immediately proclaimed the video a hoax and no one else paid much attention to the story. This absence of confirmation made many people doubtful of the claims. For good reason, as it happens.

Barack Obama appears at a campaign stop with friend George Soros in attendance.

With the whole story looking to be a dud, finally admitted that it was they who sent the email, they who made the video, and what’s more, it was a doctored video as no actual hacking of the Fox ticker board occurred. Yep. They lied about the whole thing.

MoveOn claims that this fraud was perpetrated as a part of a new campaign being called “Rebuild The Dream,” an effort launched this month with the help of extremist Van Jones — the man that was thrown out of the Obama administration for his extremist views.

This was an orchestrated game, here, not a mere lie.

A supposed-hack video that contained a politically charged message could work in facilitating engagement beyond the usual crowd, MoveOn officials figured. But it had to have a strong enough hint of authenticity. Over slightly less than two months, the organization put together the product, consulted actual hackers and made an elaborate identity for Hiropro999, setting up online accounts, an email address, a fake “explainer” video and even a phone number. They swore everyone involved to secrecy and declined multiple media requests that came Hiropro999’s way.

It was all quite elaborate, really. MoveOn even threatened staffers to remain quiet about the fake “hack” story. One staffer admitted to being “worried” over the whole thing.

So, while MoveOn is trying to sell America on the idea that we are being lied to, they lied to us about this supposed Fox ticker hack. Is it even possible to maintain your veracity while yourself selling your solutions with elaborate lies, frauds, and illusions?

Once again it seems that all George Soros and his minions at MoveOn have are lies. They simply can’t battle conservative principles with the truth.

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