As Government Spending Rises, Employment Falls

We were told that the more money our rulers frivolously wasted on pork projects, the lower unemployment would be. To the surprise of only the most clueless, “stimulus” spending has had the exact opposite effect. Via


Don’t expect the New York Times et al. to figure out any time soon that sucking all the money and credit out of the economy and flushing it down the drain doesn’t put businesses in a position to hire. If they were capable of learning, FDR’s extension of the Great Depression would have taught them all they need to know on this topic.

Then again, it’s possible that they did learn from FDR. Maybe our ruling class doesn’t consist of idiots; maybe they are doing this on purpose. “The worse the better,” 1960s radicals used to say, meaning that they could not replace the most efficient economic system in the history of the world (capitalism) with one repeatedly proven not to work (socialism) until people had been made miserable.

On a tip from Burning Hot. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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