VA Whistleblower: ‘They Had Us Stop Work Processing Vets Applications’ for ‘Obamacare Enrollment’, Complaint Was Leaked to His Boss by WH in Retaliation

A whistleblower who was trying to help save the lives of our veterans at the Veterans Administration hospitals guilty of leaving many soldiers to die was tattled on by a White House eager to silence the warnings (and snuff out the careers) of these whistleblowers.

Last week VA whistleblower Scott Davis was on with Niel Cavuto and reported that after he told the White House of the endemic problems at the VA, Obama and his cohorts turned around and told Davis’ boss that he was dissing them!

(See HERE and HERE for more info)

We reported on VA whistleblower Scott Davis yesterday, charges that thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of VA applications were either destroyed or just never processed. We also noted his charge that VA employees were asked to stop working on VA applications to concentrate on Obamacare applications.

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That would be shocking enough, in and of itself.

But there’s another headline out of the interview that we wanted to highlight. At around 4:18, Davis says he reported the destruction or losing of applications to White House deputy chief of staff, Rob Nabors, and gave him a copy of his whistleblower complaint. He says the complaint was then leaked to the very same people about whom he was complaining.

Davis believes the only reason he hasn’t been fired in retaliation is because he has gone to Congress and they, including Rep. Miller, have his back.

So, instead of looking at ways to fix the VA and save the lives of thousands of ailing veterans, Obama tried to silence the people raising the alarm about the problem.

Barack Obama has shown that he could not care less how many veterans die waiting for care at his VA hospitals.

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