Video: After Saying They’re Angry Mobs, Sen. Boxer Now Wants Her Supporters to be Like Tea Partiers

Kerry Picket of the Washington Times found two amusing videos of California Senator Barbara Boxer, one in 2009 and one from this month, that shows the sad state of affairs in which Democrats find themselves politically these days.

In 2009, Boxer was warning about those dangerous “well dressed” angry mobs that make up the tea party movement. She was scornful of those horrible people who would dare protest the government in general, and she and the Obammessiah in particular. It was just un-American, donctcha know?

Yet by April of 2010 Boxer, who is locked in the first close election she’s ever had, is suddenly urging her supporters to be just as excited as the tea partiers.


One year she is scolding the tea partiers as evil, the next year she wants her own supporters to emulate them!

“I need you to be as excited as the tea party people are!”

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