Big Government Knifes Goldman Sachs in the Back

There is danger in dealing with criminals, as the Obama-bankrolling crony capitalists at Goldman Sachs are finding out the hard way. The firm was at the top of the list of Obama donors, and was soon rewarded with mountains of our money during the “bailout” looting spree. But next on the hit list for nationalization is the financial sector, and Chairman Zero’s old Wall Street friends have become expendable. A campaign coordinated between the White House, the SEC, and Big Media has been launched to bring down these capitalist exploiters of the proletariat.

As the Wall Street Journal makes clear, the SEC’s case against Goldman Sachs is absurd. It’s all about politics…

The SEC charges conveniently arrive on the brink of the Senate debate over financial reform, and its supporters are already using the case to grease the bill’s passage. “I’m pleased that the Obama Administration is using all of the tools in its arsenal to bring accountability to Wall Street and standing up for homeowners and small businesses across America,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Friday about the SEC case. “This is also why we need to pass strong Wall Street reform this year.” Of course, this case matters to homeowners not at all.

It does matter to the radical statists running the government, who will shove us another major step toward what used to be called communism by seizing control of the financial sector in the name of “reform.”

FamousDC details the alarming extent of coordination between Democrats, the SEC, and the liberal establishment media in this latest attack on economic liberty.

Let this be a lesson to others corrupt enough to collude with the thugs in Washington. Play with fire, you will get burned.

On tips from Varla and J. Hat tip: RedState. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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