I Spent My Saturday Night Defending the Tea Party. How About You?

Saturday night I was a party with my friends, all of whom happened to be of a different political persuasion than I. One in particular, who works for the Democratic Party, decided to announce that the Tea Party movement is full of racists. Umm, no. With half a glass of wine (thank God that was all) already sipped, I almost lost it. This is a moderate Democrat who I usually think has reasonable viewpoints but not as of late.

Of COURSE there are racists in the Tea Party. There are racists at the grocery store, racist supporters of universal health care and the Democratic Party too. But let’s be clear: the Tea Party movement was founded by people who are angry about the overspending and fiscal irresponsibility in Washington. Yes, it should have started back when Bush was in on the bad decisions but it didn’t. It took the election of our most liberal President to make people get on their feet. And they have with a message of Constitutionality, freedom, fiscal and personal responsibility. They’ve MADE Washington pay attention and changed the trajectory of politics in the just one year.

For skeptics to focus on the idiots who make the news is to dishonor a very honorable movement. Let’s face it: many folks in Washington think the American people are stupid, though they’d never admit that. Just because someone isn’t Capitol Hill style politically educated doesn’t mean that common sense hasn’t always been the best purveyor of truth. And furthermore, why should the lunatic moves and bigoted ideas of few delegitimize the very decent and true concerns of the many? They should not. I sent the following (rather telling) clip to my friend, though it seemed not to phase his opinion:

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