Video: Leftist Pigs Make Democrat Dumpster of D.C.

The extremists of the left-wing had their march yesterday and now look at the garbage they left on our National Mall in Washington D.C.

This disgusting video shows what a few foreign tourists found on the Nation Mall in D.C. after the pigs and slobs of the left-winger’s “On Nation” rally left that public space. A pig sty mess left for our tax dollars to have to pay to clean up. Just like a leftists to make others pa for their mess, isn’t it?

By comparison, the same space was clean as a whistle after Glenn Beck’s crowd left.

Here is a video of a Parks Dept. employee saying that this “One Nation” protest was the “worst” he sees and that Beck’s rally left the grounds clean as a whistle.

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There can be no doubt that Democrats and leftists are pigs.


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