Rick Sanchez And The Showbiz Third Rail

Bob Parks of Black&Right is talking about that “third rail” of the entertainment industry: them Joooos. Bob is a bit mystified as to why it’s such a no-no to say that the entertainment industry is filled with folks of the Talmud?

Unless Jews are hired into the business based primarily on their ethnicity and not relevant prior experience (and there’s no proof of this), I don’t see why people are canned for making an observation that any other group would be proud of?

I can see Bob’s point, actually. Jews fill the entertainment industry at every level and always have, at least since the days of film and radio began. Their particular aptitude for understanding the humor and pathos of human existence leaves them in good stead to create fine entertainment, for sure.

Parks also wonders why idiot CNNer Rick Sanchez was fired from CNN for his rant on the radio last week if the unvarnished truth that Jews fill the entertainment industry is such common sense.

On Friday, a bad Latino was exposed and dealt with accordingly. Rick Sanchez stepped on the Third Rail of the entertainment industry and he may soon find out who really runs Univision and Telemundo.

Parks related that the once great Marlon Brando himself was attacked for saying that Jews are the only ethnicity that is spared Hollywood’s “negative caricatures. This is truer lately than it was previously, though. In the early days of film and radio and most especially stage and vaudeville, Jewish characters were not so easily let off.

Still, it might be expected that if a large number of one ethnicity fills a certain industry, attacks from that industry on that same ethnicity might not be very wide spread, right?

In any case, I disagree with Parks’s intimation that Jews get undue positive treatment from the media. And even if they do, I have no problem with this treatment. After all, outside the entertainment industry Jews remain the one ethnicity that seems to stand as the “approved” whipping boy of the world.

Anti-Semitism is up in Europe and throughout the U.S.A. ad that is something that I despise. So if there is one tiny little place in the world (Hollywood) where Jews are not excoriated and under constant attack I find that to be OK by me even if it is little solace to them.

Of course all that aside, I have precisely zero sympathy for Rick Sanchez. He truly is the single dumbest person on TV and has over the years said so many things that should have gotten his empty little head fired that it might make your own head spin. Good riddance to this moron, for sure.

In the end, though, I think that anyone that has sympathy for those unfairly treated should have a soft spot in their hearts for the Jews. Further, anyone interested in defeating radical Islam should find their alliance with the Jews, as well.

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