Vote For Alan Grayson Before He SWALLOWS YOUR SOUL!

Vote For Alan Grayson Before He SWALLOWS YOUR SOUL!

Alan Grayson is a rude, obnoxious, mean spirited, habitually dishonest goon with all the charm of Mel Gibson after he’s knocked down a couple of bottles of scotch. The fact that someone as unlikable as Grayson squeaked into Congress in the first place alerts you to how important money is in Congress and how big the Democratic wave was in 2008. Of course, in 2010, Daniel Webster crushed Grayson 56% to 38% — but now, Grayson is back!

The thing is, he’s back with ads like this one.

Alan Grayson has guts! Quite possibly those of a small child. On a stick.

Holy crap.

Grayson looks like some sort of cross between Eddie Haskell and a grown-up Damien from the Omen there. If you saw a guy who looks like Grayson there playing an evil politician in a movie, you’d roll your eyes and think it’s unrealistic because no one would vote for someone who looks like one of Voldemort’s Henchmen from the Harry Potter movies. I mean, c’mon, let’s be honest; if you didn’t know who Grayson was and someone told you that he strangled people for a living, wouldn’t you go, “Huh, maybe…”

With all that money, you’d think Grayson could hire a consultant to make look less…well, evil.

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