Washington State Dems Look To Shut Down ObamaCare Lawsuit

You know that when Democrats say the debate is over, and attempt any and everything to shut down debate, they know they are in the wrong, and do not want anyone else to know about it. Case in point

OLYMPIA — Democrats in the state Legislature are considering a budget maneuver to block Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna’s involvement in a lawsuit challenging the health-care bill signed by President Obama Tuesday.

Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, D-Spokane, confirmed that Democrats are investigating the legality of a budget proviso which would prohibit McKenna’s office from spending public money on the lawsuit.

“We are looking at that,” Brown said. “We’re researching it right now, but there is no decision yet.”

Brown also sent a letter to McKenna urging him to reconsider his position, which she called “far outside the mainstream interests” of the state.

Also, when they start the “outside the mainstream” talk, you know that that is simply projection, as they know their liberal ideas are somewhere out near Pluto.

If the Constitutional lawsuits are, as so many libs have stated, doomed to failure, why not let them go forward, lefties, to prove your point that the health insurance mandate is Constitutional? Scared?

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