Oh NOW Lib Journalists Urge Health Care Reform Caution

What loathsome creatures. For months the press has been cheerleading and now they carry water to manage expectations? Read Ruth Marcus’ latest and fume:

In fact, the occasion called for more humility than hyperbole, however unlikely that may have been given the setting. If I were a member of Congress, my floor speech before casting a yes vote would have boiled down to:

Gee, I hope this works.

One of the astonishing aspects of the health-care debate is how little is actually known about the implications of a change this far-reaching. Everyone has a theory, and a model to match, but even some of the most fundamental questions remain the subject of debate.

You know, the press loved Obamacare even though none of them knew what was in it. They wanted President Obama to have a win. So now he has it and they have it. One could not exist without the other. So Ruth Marcus and her ilk can put a sock in it.

When all the bad things happen, that she fears might happen, she can take the credit she deserves.

Via @Allahpundit

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