What Did I Tell You About Weiner’s Weiner?

What Did I Tell You About Weiner’s Weiner?

Right off the bat, I said The Evidence Suggests Anthony Weiner Wasn’t Hacked. Then, I followed that up with Hey, Anthony Weiner: “Victims Call Cops. Perps Call Lawyers.”

Today, Weiner STILL hasn’t called the cops or the FBI, which is the first thing you’d think a congressman who’d been hacked would actually do. His marriage is threatened by this, his repuation is threatened by this and his response is to lawyer up? Worse yet, now Weiner’s even refusing to say whether the crotch shot is of him.

Rep. Anthony Weiner said Wednesday that he can’t say “with certitude” whether or not a lewd below-the-belt photo depicted his body, but he insisted that he did not tweet the picture to a 21-year old college student in Seattle, Wash.

In an interview with NBC’s Luke Russert, Weiner repeated his claim that his Twitter account was hacked and said that he has hired a private security firm to investigate the matter.

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“I was the victim of a prank,” Weiner said.

So, he can’t tell if the crotch shot is of him or not? Does that mean he apparently has so many crotch shots sitting around that he can’t tell which ones are of him and which ones are of other people?

Also, why hire a private security firm to investigate the matter as opposed to the police or the FBI? Oh yeah, that’s right, you get in trouble when you make false reports to the police or the FBI!

Now the question becomes: If and when will any Democrats do the right thing and call for Anthony Weiner to resign from Congress?

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