What Should Be A Career Ending Health Care Lie For Harry Reid

In more rational times, Harry Reid’s egregious lie about reconciliation would end his political career.

What lie, you ask? Actually, come to think of it, you’re probably thinking something more along the lines of, “Which lie?”

This lie:

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In case you don’t want to watch the video, it’s a cranky Harry Reid, at the health care summit yesterday claiming “No one has talked about reconciliation.” The video then goes on to show Harry Reid talking about reconciliation to a reporter just six days earlier.

Moreover, the entire health care debate now revolves around reconciliation. It has been talked about ad nauseum by liberals for weeks and if the Democrats go forward on health care, it’ll be at the center of their strategy. This is no secret to anyone following the blogosphere.

So, why did Harry Reid tell such an obvious lie? Because he’s so confident that liberals will back him even if he lies and so cocksure that the mainstream media will back his play, that he believes there will be no consequences for lying. In other words, he’s come to believe that he can lie to the American public and pay no price whatsoever for it.

Voters should not let politicians get away with this. Instead of just saying, “Yes, he’s the worst sort of liar, but I guess they’re all liars,” they should simply refuse to vote for men like Harry Reid. If voters insist on honesty, they’ll get honesty — or at least politicians will bend over backwards to be perceived as honest. When the sort of lie that Harry Reid uttered at the health care summit is overlooked, it only leads to more lying from our public officials.

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