Lefty Dupe Says Pentagon Isn’t Part of the Government

Americans for Prosperity has this hilarious slice of lefty disconnect that is just so typical of how folks on the left really just don’t have a grasp on rarity.

Just outside of Blair House, across the street from the White House at the corner of 17th St & Pennsylvania Ave., we see young lady from a tea party protest being confronted by a lefty. She is using the poor conditions of Walter Reed Hospital as an example of government healthcare that has failed or is failing.

Here is what this mind-numbed lefty says in reply…

That’s not government, that’s the Pentagon!?

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This poor lefty soul thinks that the Pentagon isn’t part of the government and that military healthcare isn’t a government healthcare program?

You see, leftists hate the military so much that they refuse to even accept the purely factual assertion that the military is part of our government!

This sort of empty “thinking” is why there is no way to talk with a leftist. You may as well be speaking Martian to them because they just don’t have a grasp on reality.

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