Why This Conservative Wants Harry Reid to Stay Right Now

Of course it would serve Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Democrats right if they found Reid hounded from the Democrat leadership or even from office over his racist comments made about President Obama back during the presidential campaign. After all the faux charges of racism that the left has used to hound Republicans from office, it would be sweet revenge to turn it on Harry Reid. But as a conservative, I do not want to see Reid hounded from his Democrat leadership position and I most especially don’t want him to leave office before the 2010 elections.

Does that sound hard to understand? You might ask why a conservative woud want to protect Harry Reid? Well, it’s all about politics, my friend.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, I want Harry Reid out of office. Just not yet. You see here is the problem: Much as Reid deserves to be tossed out on his rear end, if that happens the Democrats might be able to save his seat for the Democrat Party.

What we need is Reid to lose his election to a Republican. What we need is for Reid to be Daschled. What we need is for Reid to slink out of Washington through the back door to avoid the embarrassment his loss will cause both him and his party.

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But if he leaves office now over his racist slight that just might give Nevada Democrats the opening they’d need to offer a candidate that might beat any of those offered by Nevada’s Republicans. Now, I don’t have any possible Democrats in mind, here. All I am saying is that Reid is a known quantity and his current poll numbers show that he will not likely win reelection.

Also there is a fate worse than Harry Reid as Senate Majority leader in the offing if Reid should suddenly step down. Many people think that the next Democrat Majority Leader could be one of the worst, most partisan, hardball politicians in the Senate. Chuck Schumer of New York has been angling behind the scenes for the leadership position and as Majority Leader he would be far, far worse for the country than the weak-willed, ineffective Reid.

So, I want Reid to stay for now. Let him get properly defeated in November and let him return to Nevada with his tail between his legs. That defeat would be far better for conservatives than his stepping down would be, regardless of the catharsis that his exit would offer us.

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