Scott Brown And The Republican Big Tent

Word on the street is that Christianists have taken over the Republican party. That seems to be undermined a wee bit by all the donors to Scott Brown’s campaign. I would like to note that I myself am pro-life and I support Scott Brown. Why? Good grief. You have to ask? Did you see the debate last night? If not, I did and Martha Coakley is a nightmare of Kennedy’esque proportions.

Coakley is big government. Pro-health care life invasion. Against fighting terrorists…if she’ll admit they even exist. Gah!

Scott Brown is from Massachusetts. I do not expect the man to talk like or even make decisions like A Texas Republican. He will be better on a host of issues than Coakley. He is actually making a run at the seat–something I thought was impossible even two weeks ago.

Do you know how thrilling it is to see the Democrats have to spend loads of money on what they consider a “safe seat”? Already, the irony is so delicious it tastes like a Corona after a hot day of yard work. The Democrats are “desperate” and doing desperate things. Good.

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You know, this race is all about elitism yet again. The best line of the debate was when Scott Brown said that the seat didn’t belong to Democrats or the Kennedy’s but to the people. See here:

Conservatives don’t want to concede ground in places like Massachusetts and Maine. They just want the Republicans there to at least adhere to fiscal conservatism. The social issues don’t play as well there. People get it. Conservative people get it to the tune of $1.3 million dollars in 24 hours. That’s how much average citizens want health care reform to die. They are putting their time and treasure on the line to get Brown elected.

The Republican party still has a big tent. Big enough even for Ted Kennedy’s old seat.

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