Why Would Dems Worry About 2012 If Their Policies Are So Popular?

Remember when Democrats opined that Americans would love health care reform once it passed? Remember how Republicans wondered why in the world Democrats were so content to commit political suicide given the Scott Brown victory?

Evidently, all is not well and so incumbent Dems are hoarding cash–not for the impending climate apocalypse–for the impending electoral apocalypse. From the Politico:

Hailing from the swing state of Ohio, liberal Sen. Sherrod Brown is leaving nothing to chance – even though, for him, Election Day is nearly 2:½ years away.

Brown raised $172,000 in the first quarter of 2010, putting his total receipts for this cycle at $3.5 million and giving him a war chest of $1.3 million with 2:½ years to go before November 2012.

“You do your job, and you do your political things you need to do for five years, and you’re ready,” Brown said of his early efforts. “People are lying if they say they don’t think about it.”

People are definitely thinking about it.

While they’re focused first and foremost on November’s midterms, Democratic senators are already whispering about who’ll be in charge of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for the 2012 cycle – one would-be contender, Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), told POLITICO on Monday that it won’t be him – and building up their bankrolls for the challenges to come.

Remember, too, that these are the contemptuous folks who said that voters had short memories.

Yeah, right.

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