Will Obama Push Climate Alarmism During State Of The Union?

That’s what The Politico is wondering, saying that the Alarmist-(who keeps his thermostat really high, drives in massive gas guzzlers, and takes many unnecessary fossil fueled airplane trips)-In-Chief is being pressured to do just that

In two previous big speeches on Capitol Hill, President Barack Obama planted global warming and energy near the top of his agenda, prodding lawmakers to get moving despite reservations about the sour economy.

Now, with cap-and-trade legislation dead for the foreseeable future, Obama is receiving no shortage of advice on what he should say about energy and climate change in Tuesday’s State of the Union address.

If he’d leave the cap and tax and globull warming idiocy out of it, he’d get a better reception.

On the left, the president faces pressure to confront Republicans and the handful of moderate Democrats who want to strip the Environmental Protection Agency of its powers to regulate greenhouse gases and some conventional air pollutants.

Um, no. They just want to strip the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases, which are NOT pollutants, but gases necessary for life.

“The Clean Air Act is not in the Constitution but ought to be treated with almost equal respect,” said Rep. Jay Inslee (D-Wash.), echoing the views of nearly two dozen green groups, including Greenpeace, the Sierra Club and the World Wildlife Fund, which wrote the president on Thursday saying his speech “offers a perfect opportunity” to back EPA.

Again, GHGs have nothing to do with clean air, except in the minds of the same alarmists who refuse to change their own lives to match their rhetoric.

Republicans say Obama is on the spot in his State of the Union when it comes to everyday energy costs. House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) told reporters Thursday that he wants to see the president talk about gas prices and whether he agrees with Republicans that “we need to figure out where things are headed and what can we do to create more supply to put some downward pressure on the gas price.”

“If he fails to talk about gas prices, he’s ignoring a big problem that’s certainly beginning to loom pretty large,” Upton added.

Yet, candidate Obama wanted gas and energy prices to skyrocket, just slowly. There is nothing to truly replace oil with at this time, and environmentalists keep blocking alternative energy projects, so, high energy costs could replace jobs as the main thing which causes Obama to lose in 2012. If he would simply work with Republicans on energy, stop being a weenie when it comes to domestic oil and coal production (again, I’m not a big fan of coal, and I’m not buying the “clean” coal narrative), tell the enviro-weenies to stop blocking “clean” energy innovations, and drop the climate alarmism, there could be great movement in upgrading the nations energy and energy infrastructure.

Prediction: he’ll simply Blame Republicans for the increasing cost of energy and fuel.

Prediction 2: The Gore Affect will be in full swing if he does.

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