With $28B Budget Deficit, Will California Gov. Jerry Brown Keep Promise for Free College For Illegal Aliens?

The California “DREAM Act” Vetoed 3 times by GOP Gov. Schwarzenegger, is Back Again

Hispanics Expect to “Collect” on a Campaign Promise by Jerry Brown

California governor Jerry Brown’s new state budget is already showing us that his “true” employers are the California state employee unions. The bloated pensions and benefits of the contracted unions are left untouched by any of the drastic cuts in the 2011 budget.

Now, another Brown constituency is lining up for its campaign “pay-off.” Jerry Brown will either hand out “free college” to illegal alien students or he will try to seriously do something about a $28 billion dollar budget deficit.

Gosh, what do you think will happen?

California taxpayers who are real, live, middle-class American citizens who pay their taxes are about to find out what it’s like to live under the “one-party rule” of California Democrats: You are going to be asked to pay and pay more for illegal aliens’ kids while your own kids will get less. Like it or leave.

Here’s the next “insult” from the California Democratic machine:

Thanks to a 2001 California state law, bolstered by a state supreme court ruling, illegal alien college students are already allowed to pay “in-state” college tuition for California state universities. But giving illegals access to California colleges at a price that true American kids around the country do not get is not enough for “Big Latino.”

What the “open-borders/shamnesty” lobby has always wanted is FREE college for illegal alien kids. Now THAT’S a DEAL!

Assembly bill 131 , the so-called “California DREAM Act,” has been introduced to give “grants” to illegals, within the same week that governor Jerry Brown has offered a state budget with $12.5 billion in cuts, including deep cuts, $1.4 billion, to the state university system. These cuts come despite the fact that university students were forced to accept a 32% tuition increase last spring, followed by another 9% increase recently. The hikes inspired violent protests on several campuses.

The combination of these budget cuts from the Democratic governor combined with the demands of Democrats and Hispanics in the legislature for more and more “free stuff” for non-citizens who don’t pay taxes will impact heavily the true “American” kids who are sons and daughters of people who do pay taxes in the state. There will be fewer slots for in-state kids because of the demand to cater to “entitled” free-loaders. The California schools are also more likely to save “paying” slots for wealthy out-of-state students who pay higher tuition rates.

Bottom line: Middle-class California parents trying to have their kids go to a California university paying “in-state” rates will pay more in taxes and tuition to get fewer slots. It’s estimated 30,000 illegal aliens attend California community colleges. It’s not known how much AB 131 could cost California taxpayers:

“University of California President Mark Yudof called the proposed budget “a sad day for California.”

He continued to explain that “the budget proposed by Gov. Brown, the collective tuition payments made by University of California students for the first time in history would exceed what the state contributes to the system’s general fund. The crossing of this threshold transcends mere symbolism and should be profoundly disturbing to all Californians.”

Yudof explained the chancellors of UCLA and other UC campuses will have six weeks to develop plans to meet the proposed budget reduction. “With the governor’s budget, as proposed, we will be digging deep into bone,” he said. “The physics of the situation cannot be denied, as the core budget shrinks, so must the university.”

AB 131 Status: May be heard February 12 in committee

As I said in my analysis of the governor’s proposed budget this week, Jerry Brown claims to be “serious” about the state’s $28 billion deficit, but he’s really not. Brown proposes deep cuts to programs affecting the poor, sick and elderly (like MediCal) and the university system, but he hasn’t made one move to touch the state employee union pensions, which are half a trillion dollars overdrawn.

Flashback to Brown’ s October Campaign Promise

Let’s go back to October and remember candidate Jerry Brown’s “brown-nosing” of Latinos:

He promised free college to illegal alien students, because California is “wealthy enough” to do it:

Jerry Brown: “We have enough wealth to continue to have a great university and get every kid into this school that can qualify. Now when I say every young man and young woman, I mean everyone — whether they are documented or not. If they went to school, they ought to be here.”

Republican Meg Whitman for governor (remember her?) was the rational “voice in the wilderness” back then and offered this response:

“News flash to Jerry Brown: We do not have unlimited resources,” Whitman told reporters. “We are in a budget crisis. We are going to have to make some very tough tradeoffs and [university] slots are being cut for citizens. And the fact that he wants to put undocumented … immigrants ahead of the taxpayers of California, I just think is wrong.”

She added: “Either he doesn’t recognize that we are in a budget crisis or he’s pandering for votes. I bet he’s pandering for votes.”

Moonbattery coined a new term for Jerry’s campaign promise…. HISPANDERING.

WeaselZippers called him the “Psycho-Democrat.”

That was THEN. This is January under the new Democrat California “regime”

Hispanics that were “hispandered” to by candidate Brown are ready to collect their “free stuff” from the governor they helped elect.

San Jose Mercury News: [emphasis mine]

“The previous version passed in the state Senate and Assembly but was vetoed three times by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, who said it was too costly given the state’s precarious finances.

Supporters hope they will have better luck now that Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, is in office.

“He did say before November, before the election, he would sign it,” said Cedillo spokesman Conrado Terrazas. “We are hoping that he will follow through.”

No worries. Jerry Brown will no doubt “follow through.” After all, California is “wealthy.” Don’t YOU FEEL wealthy???

Don’t forget:

Fact checking Jerry on that “wealthy” part as regards the University of California system: Check out the recent investigation into the university budget.

Also check out the pillage and plunder of the UC system by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sen. Diane Feinstein’s husband, and various and sundry cronies. This was investigation that had to be done by an independent blogger, because no one in “mainstream” journalism in California dares to cross the senior California Senator and her profiteering husband who has become an even bigger billionaire on his wife’s “watch” in the “public’s service.

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