Sarah Palin Speaks Out Against Left-Wing Hate and Lies

Nice Deb has the commentary, “Video: Hannity Interviews Sarah Palin.”

And I’ll just add that it’s a great interview. Sarah Palin has been exhibiting tremendous leadership and poise over this past week or so. She’s an immensely needed voice of moral clarity, and especially so in these difficult times of progressive un-reality.


* “CNN Poll: Majority Says Palin’s ‘Crosshairs Map’ Not to Blame in Arizona Shooting – 49 Percent Say ‘Harsh Rhetoric’ Not a Factor.”

* “Dana Loesch Gets Death Threats in Wake of Arizona Shooting.”

* “United States Flag at Half-Mast at Sunset on MLK Day in Laguna Beach.”

* “‘Heated Rhetoric’ Not to Blame in Arizona Shooting, Poll Finds.”

ALSO: There’s lots of commentary at Memeorandum. I’ll link Nate Silver, who’s amusing if not fully competent at political analysis.

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