You Know, Had Democrats Used The Republican Health Care Reforms, Almost Everyone Would Be Happy–UPDATED

At the moment, it looks like no health care bill will pass. It’s a debacle from top to bottom and no one wants to be hung with this noose.

President Obama is the biggest loser. Which is why he is doing this.

Had the Democrats pushed a real reform plan such as the Republicans had been pushing–a few laws that would ease access, level the playing field and create more competition–everyone but the hard left would be happy.

Instead, the Democrats went for the whole enchilada–a path to single payer plans, a path to socialized medicine, a path no one but socialists want. There are still not enough socialists in America to pass that sort of legislation so the Dems thought they could bluff and abuse the language (calling it reform, for one) to get to their goal.

This isn’t over quite yet. But health care reform could have been a triumph of bipartisanship, President Obama’s ability to “bring people together”, and, dare I say it, good legislation that Americans like. You know, health care reform could have been helpful. Instead, the desires of the far left were indulged, again, and to the Democrats’ demise.

I’m thinking that the Democrats could redeem themselves even still, if they jumped on some of the reforms Republicans proposed. Maybe. But they’d rather rot and not get reelected than do something like that, I think.


Well, Ace seems to think something will pass and says this:

If they do cut a deal — which I?expect they will — there still will be a lot of additional spending and a lot of new debt and a lot of harm to the economy. I guess we’re just hoping now that the damage is kept to as low a level as possible. But that level will not be all that low, either.

Ace also notes the left’s hypocrisy on “purity tests”. He also sees a scripted dance going on for political reasons.

Yeah, well, I keep thinking the Dems are smarter than they turn out to be. Maybe they are actually orchestrating a finely tuned win for the President. We’ll see.

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