The Left vs. Lieberman: ‘By Any Means Necessary’

Not content to smear Sen. Joe Lieberman for his opposition to ObamaCare, now the Left is attacking Lieberman’s wife, Hadassah. Both Jane Hamsher and DailyKos are trying to get Mrs. Lieberman purged from her job at a breast cancer charity.

Those who remember the way the “progressive netroots community” assailed Joe Lieberman in 2006 will understand why I’ve dubbed them “The Ned Lamont Party.”: The Left is determined to have its way whatever the consequences, an attitude expressed by the slogan common among radical protesters: “By Any Means Necessary.” Their influence, pushing: an unpopular policy: agenda and attacking any Democrat who: opposes them, could do a lot to bring an early end to the era of Hope and Change.

What next? Will the Left smear Lieberman as a racist? Recalling Harry Reid’s absurd slander of Republicans last week, the American Spectator‘s Shawn Macomber remarks:

[P]olitical history does make it tough to tar Lieberman as a racist, illiterate, tea-bagging militiaman . . .

Never say never. We’re talking about the people who thought that millionaire: Ned Lamont could be elected to the Senate as a “populist.”

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