Over 20 cars vandalized outside Trump rally

Over 20 cars vandalized outside Trump rally

Vandals spray painted just over 20 cars parked outside of a Donald Trump rally in Bangor, Maine. Trump supporters left the rally, walked back to the parking areas and this is what they found.

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Bangor Daily News – A Bangor police spokesman said officers were “seeking witnesses and reviewing video” in the criminal mischief case at the New York City billionaire’s us-against-them speech blasting “ a rigged system” at the Cross Insurance Center.

More than 20 cars parked between the Bangor Raceway and Buck Street were hit with lines of white paint. Attendees said the owners of some of the cars appeared to drive off without noticing the vandalism.

Paul Foster, a painter and Trump supporter from Eastbrook whose van was painted, said the rally “couldn’t have been more peaceful,” but he blamed the vandalism on Trump opponents, saying “there ain’t no thinking about it, I know so.”


Cars spray-painted with wiggly lines. No rhyme or reason to this stupidity. I believe it was probably a Hillary Clinton fan, a deplorable Democrat, a loser liberal or a trigglypuff feminazi trolling the yard for Trumpies.

What does that accomplish? Nothing. It probably makes people want to vote for Trump more than they would think about voting for Hillary.

Where’s the videos of Trump supporters spray painting the cars of Hillary hags fans? Where’s the Trump supporters starting fights and using racial slurs?

These types of actions from opposing viewpoint fans simply don’t add up to a changed vote. People are going to vote for whomever they want and no amount of paint will change that. If anything, this makes Trump fans want to vote for him even more.

Sometimes when you irritate people, it certainly does NOT make them agree with you.

BANGOR, MAINE -- 10/15/2016 -- A car vandalized with spray paint during a rally for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump pulls out of the Cross Insurance Center parking lot Saturday evening after the rally. Micky Bedell | BDN

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