Muslim driver ditched school bus full of kids

Muslim driver ditched school bus full of kids

A Muslim school bus driver ditched his passenger, about 50 kids and a few adults, on the side of the road near London. He pulled over, hopped out, washed his feet and prayed – all while the passengers sat there and waited for him to be done.

This had to be scary because bus drivers aren’t supposed to pull over and do whatever they want. Maybe if there’s a bathroom or illness emergency, then they can go off their route and handle their business. However, I don’t think it’s in the company policy to pull over a bus full of kids, ditch them on the side of the road and then go pray for 10 or so minutes.

Parents were extremely upset. Even other Muslims thought this was a terrible idea.

And can you imagine how the students felt?

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Even better, imagine how other drivers felt as they swerved and honked their way around the bus on the busy road.


Mirror – Claire Powell, 36, whose daughter Heidi, nine, was on board, said: “I was absolutely livid when I heard.

“He just stops on a busy road without any warning, gets out, washes his feet, pulls out a mat and starts to pray.

“There were people swerving to avoid the coach and beeping. He was putting children’s lives at risk.

“At the end of the day he has a duty of care to fulfil. This isn’t about his religion – he simply shouldn’t have done it.”

Adele Richards, 41, also feared for the safety of her daughter Ruby, nine.

Reports state that the Muslim driver received a warning about his use of company time for personal religious reasons.

We also found out that the driver was only about a mile away from where he was going. That makes us wonder why he didn’t drop off passengers, then pray when he didn’t have a bus full of people wondering what’s going on and possibly being scared.

A combination of angry parents, nervous passengers, other drivers possibly hitting you and using work time to accommodate yourself for personal religious reasons would probably get you fired in America.

Unless the bus company is a bunch of liberals, then you’d get a raise.

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