BREAKING: Fox News Shows Electoral Map Shifting – This Is HUGE

BREAKING: Fox News Shows Electoral Map Shifting – This Is HUGE

This is very good news for Donald Trump. Fox News has just come out with an updated Electoral Map… and it has now swung in Trump’s favor. He has an expanding path to 270 now, while Clinton’s is narrowing significantly. This is the wildest election I have ever seen and it’s not done yet… not by a long shot.

I noticed they said below that Iowa is ‘leaning Republican’. Trump is way ahead in that state and he will take it. I also believe he will take Utah. John Ralston (who is a pompous ass, I’ve met him) claims that Nevada will go to the Democrats. It may, but it also would not surprise me at the last minute for Trump to take that state. Arizona will almost certainly go to Trump. As far as North Carolina goes, I understand that Trump is way ahead in that state as well. So, you see… this is not over and Trump may very well still win.


From Fox News:

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The battleground map is shifting once again in Donald Trump’s favor, according to the latest Fox News Electoral Scorecard, portending a potentially tight race Tuesday against Hillary Clinton, who continues to hold the electoral-vote advantage.

According to an update to the scorecard released Monday, Clinton can still get to the necessary 270 electoral votes by winning all the states rated “solid” or “leaning” Democratic.

But just barely. Doing so would get Clinton to 274.

Trump is looking at a narrow – but expanding – path to 270, and he could win by snatching up the toss-ups and flipping at least one state currently seen as leaning toward Clinton.

The following updates were made Monday morning to the Fox News Decision Team’s ratings for key battlegrounds:

-Arizona changes from “toss up” to “lean Republican”

-Iowa changes from “toss up” to “lean Republican”

-Nevada changes from “toss up” to “lean Democrat”

-North Carolina changes from “lean Democrat” to “toss up”

-Utah changes from “toss up” to “lean Republican”


I have no idea who will win tomorrow and the entire nation is sweating this election. You can bet most people will be watching the results as they come in state by state.

The battleground map has definitely shifted in favor of Trump and the American people seem to support that sentiment. I just can’t imagine someone as corrupt as Clinton winning, but we will see. This is an incredibly tight race and it could go either way.

Trump, speaking Monday in Saratoga, FL, the first of five rallies, said if he wins, “corrupt politicians and their donors lose.” On the heels of the FBI once again closing its Clinton email investigation, he said: “Now it’s time for the American people to deliver justice at the ballot box.” If Clinton somehow wins, the anger will boil over I fear.

Before embarking on a final campaign swing through three battleground states, Clinton told reporters that she has “some work to do to bring the country together” and that she wants to be president for those who vote for her and those who don’t. Bull crap. She has no intention of uniting the nation. She will be a deadly disaster for the US.

Get ready to rumble America. Tomorrow is election day. I hope we choose wisely.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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