BREAKING: Trump Attorney Drops the Hammer on Mueller [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Trump Attorney Drops the Hammer on Mueller [VIDEO]

A Trump lawyer wants to investigate any conflict of interest between the Justice Department and the FBI, making a call on Sean Hannity’s show for another special prosecutor to look into any potential issues.

Right now, Robert Mueller is a Special Prosecutor, but he’s in charge of the investigation that keeps trying to pin Russian interference on Donald Trump’s campaign. His investigation would not necessarily be able to cover or investigate the conflicts of interests here.

Trump’s legal beagle Jay Sekulow has brought up fresh information that suggests that the DOJ and the FBI may share a few too many close relationships for comfort and he wants to push the idea that another Special Prosecutor should be secured in order to investigate this issue, too.

Speaking to Hannity, Sekulow said that he found that the wife of one DOJ official, who was demoted after being found to conceal her husband’s meetings with Fusion GPS, herself worked for the anti-Trump, Democrat-funded firm during the 2016 election.

Fusion GPS has been found to have been funded by left-wing groups including ones associated with the campaigns of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and were the source of the phony Russian Dossier whose contents were unverified and included the wholesale falsehood of the “Russian hookers” hotel room story.

Speaking with one media outlet, Sekulow said of the marriage connection:

“The Department of Justice and FBI cannot ignore the multiple problems that have been created by these obvious conflicts of interests. These new revelations require the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate.”

Right now there is no formal petition to hire a new Special Counsel and Sekulow says that he does not intend to interfere with Robert Mueller’s job or investigation. Republicans in the House have been asking for a second Prosecutor for months, saying that Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs extra hands to probe into connections to Obama and Clinton controversies. Sessions, in response to Sekulow, said that he has already ordered a review into the issues as brought up by House Republicans. He has confirmed that he put a “senior attorney” along with the “resources he may need” on to review cases.

When Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked about the need for a second Prosecutor, she said that Trump has a “great concern” about the conduct of the DOJ, but remained noncommittal about what would happen.

Here is the ten-minute interview from Hannity’s show with Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow:

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