More Code Pinkery From Trump

9/11 Truther Donald Trump lost his last informed and principled conservative supporters when he spewed Code Pink moonbattery at the February 13 debate in Greenville, South Carolina, shrieking like his ideological doppelgänger Medea Benjamin that Bush deliberately tricked us into war. Since his supporters don’t seem to object to this rewrite of history, he is doubling down, calling for portions of the 9/11 Commission Report to be declassified in hopes that this will prove the perfidy of the party he is devoted to destroying, i.e., the GOP.

Trump wants us all to know that he was always against the war in Iraq — although even that is a lie. Now he barks:

“You know, again I’ve said it for a long time, we attacked Iraq and frankly by attacking Iraq they were not the ones who knocked down the World Trade Center. I’ve been saying that for a long time, let’s see what the paper say. I think they should have been released a long time ago, I think they’re finally going to be in some form released.”

As RedState observes:

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At no time did George W. Bush or anyone in his administration claim that we were going to invade Iraq because they knocked down the World Trade Center.

You know who invented this particular red herring? Code Pink and their allies in the Democratic party. And what they said specifically is that we should not invade Iraq because they weren’t responsible for 9/11, to which anyone who was paying attention at the time said, “who the hell said that’s why we were invading Iraq in the first place?”

We don’t need to declassify anything to know that a claim that Code Pink invented in their own heads and then attributed to George W. Bush is false. The only person who thinks that this is some sort of hidden information is Donald J. Trump and the anti-war Internet leftists who have apparently been feeding Trump his foreign policy talking points for the last 15 years.

Iraq turned out to be a disaster that opened the door for the rise of the Islamic State — but not because the lunatic accusations howled by Code Pink banshees and echoed by Trump have any merit. A hard-earned victory was deliberately thrown away to make a political point when Commander in Chief Barack Hussein Obama prematurely withdrew our troops. It is worth noting that Trump was an avid supporter of Obama, even sneering that America is too racist to appreciate him.

Trump is not just a liberal posing as a liberal’s fascistic conception of a right-winger. He is a full-blown moonbat.

But at least it is a relief to learn that Trump has enough of an intellect to have intellectual influences.

Code Pink in Chicago, 2012. I knew Trump’s anti-NATO rhetoric sounded familiar…

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