Glenn Beck shocks with interview prop, you won’t believe what it is

Glenn Beck shocks with interview prop, you won’t believe what it is

Donald Trump is like Adolf Hitler of 1929 says Glenn Beck as he displays a ballot for Hitler, the genocidal maniac. This is a great interview with good conversation starters that might open eyes to some people unsure of who to vote for.

g beck prop

Beck responded by saying that Trump has been “playing to the lowest common denominator and to the anger in us” — but he qualified his claim by suggesting the comparison focuses on who Hitler was in 1929, not the murderous tyrant of Nazi Germany in the 1940s.

“[Hitler] was a kind of funny, kind of character that said the things that people were thinking,” Beck said of the leader’s early political career. “Where Donald Trump takes it, I have absolutely no idea. But, Donald Trump is a dangerous man with the things he’s been saying.”

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I’m shocked they didn’t bring up the Internet craze that asked “would you go back in time and kill Baby Hitler?” Then again, asking if people would go back in time and kill baby Donald Trump would be more appropriate, except Donald hasn’t killed a million people via genocide yet.

We’ll see what happens when we have a new POTUS.

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