So You Hate Donald Trump? Then Read This….

So You Hate Donald Trump? Then Read This….

One year after the Donald was elected President, how do you think he has done so far? Sure, there is no wall yet and that’s disappointing. Obamacare is still here and still a disaster, and his tax plan he campaigned with is nothing like the House or Senate bills. He has appointed some freedom-friendly judges, so there’s that. All in all, I’m underwhelmed by a politician. Am I the fool for thinking otherwise? Does the Commander-in-Chief have what it takes to really turn the country around in the next two years?

But, the one shining moment in all of his presidency is everything he is not. Really, when people complain about how much time the President takes off playing golf, or going to Hawaii, or a ranch in Texas, I think it’s a great thing for our country. It’s less time they have to “get things done for our country.” This “getting things done” usually results in massive federal overreach and thousand page bills that no one reads and raises our taxes. By all means, do nothing and let this country thrive without you.

People always ask me if I ever ran for President, what would I do? What major legislative accomplishments would I try to achieve. My answer usually shocks people. I would do absolutely nothing. The only bills I would sign would be un-legislation: repealing laws or getting rid of agencies and bureaucracy. I would sign executive order after executive order firing every federal employee there was, getting rid of the federal reserve. Sure, this would tank the economy. But it would only last 18 months or so before the market reset itself and we started using sound money again.

This was a long winded tangent to get to the real point. Barack Obama was just a terrible president. Like really terrible. He was the worst kind of politician: elected on rhetoric alone, an affirmative action hire and an ego to rival anyone who’s ever lived. Here is just a short list of things comparing perhaps the worst man to grace the oval office versus the middling loudmouth we have now.

I am extremely grateful that we did not have to endure a Hillary presidency. Whatever Trump’s shortfalls, and there are many, he is not in the business of politics. He is in the business of business and is not out to screw Americans for more power and money. He already had those things before running.

You see, right-wing people are very diverse when it comes to ideas. I can criticize Trump when I think he is wrong and praise him when I think he is right and do not live in fear of getting fired from Right Wing News. I am a very anarchist-leaning libertarian and people like to hear my ideas and discuss them. You will see no such thing on left-wing websites. It is toe the line…or else.

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