Liberals Are LOSING THEIR MINDS Over Ivanka Trump’s Latest Tweet – But She Has the Last Laugh

Liberals Are LOSING THEIR MINDS Over Ivanka Trump’s Latest Tweet – But She Has the Last Laugh

Well, this is a new low. If I didn’t think many on the Left were already scum of the earth, I certainly would after this. Ivanka Trump had a beautiful baby boy eight months ago. Moms all over the world celebrate dates like this when they have little children. But it didn’t take long for vile trolls on the Left to come after Ivanka for innocently putting a pic of her little one on Twitter and talking about how thrilled she is that he’s eight months-old today. They used profanity… they called her an airhead and far worse. Why? Because they claim it’s not his birthday. Disgusting.

They are jealous of her beauty, her happiness, her wealth and her lifestyle. So, these asshats are vicious towards Ivanka every chance they get. From Rosie O’Donnell going after little 10 year-old Barron Trump, to these ogres going after Trump’s tiny little grandson and his daughter… they just never quit. The hate is breathtaking.

I think it is touching and wonderful that Ivanka shows her love for her little boy this way. And if she’s such an airhead, why is she wealthy and successful in her own right? Betcha her detractors aren’t.


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From Young Conservatives:

What sort of twisted individuals attack a woman for celebrating the eight month anniversary of her baby’s birth?

Oh, that’s right.

People who voted for Hillary Clinton.

People who do not cherish life.

People who think sucking a baby’s brain through a tube is sometimes necessary to the health of the mother.

What a time to be alive!

Here’s what Ivanka Trump posted to Twitter this morning…

And here are the reactions from vile liberals…

What kind of twisted soul goes after a new mother and her baby this way? Or is it they hate anyone who doesn’t kill their child in the birth canal or womb? Is that what this is? I know with my children, I celebrated every month when they were little. It’s a time of great happiness and love. Something these liberals evidently can’t relate to somehow.

Theodore is absolutely adorable and he has a beautiful and kind mother. The First Family is nothing if not photogenic and they seem to be a very close family. Theodore is one very cute little boy and his mom is very proud of him as she should be. I would tell Ivanka to ignore the bitter jealousy out there. Celebrate every day if you want to for Theodore; it’s one of the things that makes you a good and loving mother.

As Twitchy put it, the tolerant Left … clearly they love women and I will add, children. These same jerks have called Trump ‘mean’ from the beginning… but they stoop to this. Looks to me as if they have that ‘mean’ thing down pat. Keeping it classy on the Left. This is why they lost. Ivanka gets the last laugh as her dad becomes the next President of the United States.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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