Muslims Threaten to Do THIS If Trump Becomes President [VIDEO]

Muslims Threaten to Do THIS If Trump Becomes President [VIDEO]

Donald Trump has had a lot of inflammatory rhetoric directed at Muslims — agree with what he says or disagree, but there’s no denying the vitriol. So why should anyone be surprised when Muslims say they’ll leave if Trump is elected?


From DownTrend:

Donald Trump is right when he says that Islam hates us. As a female, Dearborn is one of the places I would never want to visit. Well, just watch the video below to see how Muslims really feel about Donald Trump. Many of them are ready to leave, even telling Canada’s prime minister to prepare for an influx.

In that case, I would help them pack! I hope the airline industry makes a killing on one-way tickets out of Dearborn and out of our country!

Yet, there are others who claim they will stay and defeat Trump. They even go so far as to claim that the term “Radical Islam” puts Muslim lives at risk. Oh yeah, lets forget about the thousands of innocents who lost their lives at the hands of jihad. Yeah, let’s not worry about them because they’re already dead–right?

Well, of course they’ll leave — God knows that with Trump as president, it’ll be just like World War II all over again. Only this time, it’ll be Muslims in internment camps, and not Japanese-Americans, and Trump will use the same old lines about how it’s for the safety of our nation. Hey, remember when conservatives used to defend freedom of religion in the United States? Good times.

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