Trump Just Met Mexico’s President – Guess What Happened

Trump Just Met Mexico’s President – Guess What Happened

Donald Trump has claimed for quite a while that he would somehow get Mexico to pay for the fabled border wall that is never going to get built. And now that Trump actually met with the president of Mexico, the Trump camp has been blasting that news everywhere as if it actually means something, when… it doesn’t.

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From The Federalist Papers Project:

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump sat down with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to discuss border security — one of the major pieces of Trump’s campaign platform.

Nieto has been a vocal critic of Trump, but his move to sit down and speak with the candidate proved what Trump had said all along — that Mexico will work with America.

BuzzFeed reported that Nieto reached out to both candidates with invitations and that Trump decided to take him up on his offer.

On Wednesday, Trump and Nieto spoke to reporters after their meeting — proving that the candidate is up to the task of diplomacy.

Trump described meeting the president as a “great, great honor” and he also mentioned the Mexican people he’s worked with and become friends with over the years as “spectacular, spectacular hardworking people.”

While the two did discuss border security, Trump said they “didn’t discuss” the matter of who would pay for the wall.

Having a conversation where nothing is agreed to or decided upon doesn’t equal diplomacy, for God’s sake, and especially not when Nieto immediately refuted Trump’s claims that they discussed building the wall. And acting as if Trump is suddenly some kind of diplomacy wonder-boy because he talked to the Mexican president for a little while is not only disingenuous, it hurts the credibility of the conservative movement.

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