One Born Every Minute: Trump and the Supreme Court

Normally I wouldn’t recommend Hugh Hewitt’s radio show. Apparatchiks reciting the party line just aren’t that interesting. But at least today’s show offered a hearty laugh.

Hewitt was trying to convince Charles C.W. Cooke to abandon his beliefs, his self-respect, and his reputation by knuckling under and professing allegiance to Donald Trump. Hewitt’s argument: Trump promised he would appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court.

Much as I hate to kill a joke by explaining it, there may be others who like Hewitt do not understand that Trump not only is not a conservative, but has a grudge against conservatives, and is the last man in politics any reasonable person would trust.

If there is one Trump trait more grotesquely exaggerated even than his malignant narcissism, it is his vindictiveness. From Trump’s point of view, he owes conservatives no favors; he owes us a kick in the teeth for failing to acknowledge his greatness and resisting his rise to power. Note that he recently proclaimed that he would start a super PAC to raise $20 million to destroy the Senate career of Ted Cruz, the current leader of the conservative movement. He won’t spend money to defeat his fellow New York progressive Hillary, but the nation’s top conservative politician is another story.

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So is prominent moderate Republican John Kasich; Trump says he will raise $10 million to drag Kasich out of the governor’s mansion.

Other moderate Republicans Trump has knifed recently include the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who endorsed Trump (but not with sufficient alacrity), and John McCain, whom the draft-dodger Trump had previously ridiculed for being captured and tortured by communists in Vietnam.

Trump does not like conservatives, and he does not like Republicans, as he has made clear repeatedly. If he is elected president, it will be payback time against both.

But he gave his word, bleats the sheep-like Hugh Hewitt. He said he would appoint judges from a list of eleven conservatives.

No, he said he might choose from that list, which was obviously put forward as a ploy to help him secure the nomination.

Even if he swore on a stack of Bibles to stick to the list, trusting the word of Donald Trump would be absurd. This is the proprietor of Trump University, a scam that deliberately targeted desperate senior citizens and single mothers; the guy who raised money for vets in a publicity stunt to distract from his fear of facing Megyn Kelly as a debate moderator, and then grudgingly turned money over to veterans only after the media held his feet to the fire; the guy who discards his wives like used cars as soon as they start to show wear, and to hell with marriage vows; the guy who illicitly helped himself to $150,000 from funds for victims of 9/11; the guy who cut off healthcare coverage for his nephew’s chronically ill child; the guy who has reversed himself multiple times on most every issue; I could go on.

Trump lies constantly, over even the most trivial matters, often when it is obvious that he will be caught in the lie (refer to the NFL for a typical example). To trust this pathologically dishonest, sociopathic piece of trash requires more than gullibility; it requires either willful stupidity or a subnormal IQ.

Even a rat like Hillary can be trusted at an honor-among-thieves level, or corporations and foreign governments would not pay her such massive bribes in the form of inflated speaking fees and Clinton Foundation donations, reasonably certain that she will make good by influencing government policy on their behalf. Not Trump though. He is not the kind of guy who will hold up his end of a deal. Ask one of the many contractors he has stiffed.

I will be less surprised if Hugh Hewitt discovers the cure for cancer than I will be if Donald Trump appoints a conservative justice to the Supreme Court.

We need to face reality. The Supreme Court is already lost. Any hope of restoring integrity to it within the next generation went out the window when Trump exploited the mindlessness of an angry mob and the cowardice of the party establishment to hijack the GOP.

trump untrustworthy
How could anyone trust this guy?

On tips from Varla and Torcer. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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