French Book About Islamofascism Killed Out of Fear of Islamofascists

Expansionist Muslims use terrorism because it works:

A Paris-based publishing house has revised its decision to publish a French version of the German bestseller “Der Islamische Faschismus” (The Islamic Fascism). Written by German-Egyptian author Hamed Abdel-Samad, the book was due to hit the French bookstores in September. Piranha Edition reportedly changed its mind after this month’s ISIS-inspired terror attack in Nice that killed 84 people and injured more than 300.

First they changed the name to Is Islam a Form of Fascism? in hopes of watering it down. But they realized that would not be enough to placate Islamofascists, so they killed the book altogether.

Piranha Edition justified the decision of not going ahead with the publication by citing the threat of Radical Islam as well its desire of not wanting to strengthen the right-wing French groups critical of Islam. Interestingly, the head office of the Piranha Edition is just within a few minutes of walk from Bataclan, the theatre where 89 people were murdered by Islamic terrorists in November 2016.

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Charlie Hebdo reacted to another Islamic massacre similarly.

If it didn’t require a great deal of courage and resolution to be free, everyone would be free. Liberty can be handed to you, as when the USA and UK threw the Nazis out of France. But no one can hand you the character to hold onto it. Whether the French have that character, or whether it has been corroded away by moonbattery, will become evident in the coming years.

How long until they ban Delacroix’s “Liberty Leading the People”?

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