Outwasting Democrats

The difference between Donald Trump and his former fellow Democrats? Trump wants to waste even more of our money:

One of the biggest boondoggles of liberalism is “infrastructure” spending, a vague term used to pad the pockets of federal politicians, bureaucrats, and their crony pals while screwing the taxpayer.

Take the Obama “stimulus” plan. Remember that? An amazing $862 billion was confiscated from taxpayers (correction: added to the debt) and we were all told it would go to fix all of the nation’s “crumbling bridges and highways,” to repair the nation’s “infrastructure.” We were sold the bill of goods that “shovel ready” jobs would be created.

How’d that work out and where’d the money go?

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At least that monumental waste of money was a mistake we will not be repeating soon, right? Wrong:

[T]he same line of b.s. is being furthered by Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who proposed a massive “infrastructure” spending program (this one “only” $275 billion), another boondoggle to hose taxpayers and reward her donors.

Not to be out done, another New York liberal (there are two in the race, in case you didn’t notice), Donald Trump was asked by FOX Business Trump sycophant Stuart Varney about his infrastructure plan.

Trump said that he would spend “at least double” Hillary Clinton’s, which would place the number north of a half-a-trillion dollars.

Maybe he can make Mexico pay for it. More likely, he would just add it to the debt, which has already rocketed past $19 trillion, threatening to collapse the economy.

What the hell, if it doesn’t work out, he can always declare bankruptcy yet again.


On a tip from Torcer. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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