Remember Secret Service Agent That Wouldn’t “Take A Bullet” For Trump? Can You Say DEMOTED?!

Remember Secret Service Agent That Wouldn’t “Take A Bullet” For Trump? Can You Say DEMOTED?!

The Secret Service agent who claimed during last year’s presidential campaign season that she “wouldn’t take a bullet” for then-candidate Donald Trump if he would become President of the United States… has now been removed from her post as special agent in charge at the Colorado, Denver office.

…Could have seen that one coming.

Kerry O’Grady is the agent that spoke her mind and now has been permanently fired from her senior position. She had been on administrative leave for the last couple of months while her superiors were looking into her comments.

I guess they made up their minds.

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Informants within the Secret Service spoke with the Examiner, saying that just two weeks ago the agency had already posted in the internal job board that they were hiring for a new position – special agent in charge.

O’Grady came to the Secret Service’s attention when she decided to Facebook post her feelings about Donald Trump last October, about one month before Election Day in November. She claimed that said she would rather “face jail time” than take “a bullet” for the now President. Well, being demoted from her leadership role is much better than jail time, right?


In the same post where she made her contentious comments, O’Grady also said that she is in a constant battle to not violate the Hatch Act, which forbids federal employees from posting comments on social media or other places on the Internet that “advocate for or against a partisan political party, candidate for partisan political office or partisan political group.”

Although she has been removed form her position, the agency doesn’t know whether or not O’Grady will be fired.

Some Secret Service agents stated concerns that the agency’s top brass will do what government bureaucrats are always good at doing and “insulate” O’Grady by simply moving her to another position in the Department of Homeland Security. All for her to finish up her career and collect her big, fat government pension for the rest of her life…

Sound familiar to you? Feckless government employees helping each other to milk the taxpayers dry.

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