Pelosi Calls Out Trump On Twitter…Then Gets COMPLETELY DESTROYED For Double Standard!!

Pelosi Calls Out Trump On Twitter…Then Gets COMPLETELY DESTROYED For Double Standard!!

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi from California reintroduced the discussion on Twitter this Sunday, as to why she is an absolute horror to the country. She tweeted out that President Donald Trump had to “grow up,” expressing that Trump shouldn’t be “allowed” to say whatever he wants without any evidence on hand to back it up…

Well if being “allowed” to speak is how Pelosi views our first amendment rights, then maybe she should try her hand at North Korean politics…She would fit right in over there.

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She was thinking of Trump’s charge that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower throughout last year’s presidential campaign. There was no evidence to assist Trump’s claims that have been released to the public and the Trump administration proceeds to call on agencies to perform an investigation into the matter.


But Twitter promptly detected that Pelosi and Democrats in general are dead to rights GUILTY of perpetuating precisely what she said Trump shouldn’t be “allowed” to do.

Here’s another claim:

And another:

And one more, just to mock her:

Pelosi, like I said, is an absolute horror. He will say and do one thing and in the very next second, turn around and condemn others for doing it. Does she not have a brain that can recall what she’s said and done in the past? Or is it that she just believes that all the little people are just idiots?

How about a little bit of both?

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